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Wholesale cardboard collapsible shoe box folding shoe packaging box with logo

Quick details:

 Place of Origin:Shanghai,China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Hotwave Packaging

Model Number:HP-SB-004


Minimum Order Quantity:1000piece/pieces (offer large quantity order)

Price:USD0.2-3per piece

Supply Ability:5000piece/pieces per day

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Wholesale cardboard collapsible shoe box folding shoe packaging box with logo:

  Coardboard folding shoe packaging boxes are diverse in style, novel in structure and exquisitely chic. The various types of folding shoe packaging boxes are not only different in material, but also vary in their structure.

  The most common on the market today is the standard rectangular collapsible shoe box. Classified from the structural design, there are: flip box, heaven and earth cover box, folding box and so on. In recent years, as people's aesthetic changes and awareness of environmental protection have increased, corrugated cardboard collapsible shoe boxes have become popular around the world.

  The foldable box is a piece of cardboard that can be stacked, transported and stored in a flat plate before folding, greatly reducing the cost of production and shipping.

  In addition, the most commonly used folding shoe packaging box is the cover box. The cover box of the heaven and earth is the lid, the box is the ground, and the heaven and the earth are separated, but when they are put together, a closed space can be formed. Although the structure of the heaven and earth cover shoe box is simple, the details are still different.

  The structure of the heaven and earth cover can be divided into three types. The first type is a cover box for the heaven and earth cover; the second type is the cover box for the heaven and earth with the height of the upper cover less than the bottom cover; the third type is the cover box for the heaven and earth with the middle edge. Although the three structures belong to the heaven and earth cover box, the effects they present are not the same.

  The rocking box is the most common and practical shoe box structure. I believe everyone found out that when we buy shoes, the most common shoe box package is this kind of rocking box. Its box body, lid and bottom of the box are made of one piece of paper, except for the shoe box. The box is also widely used in the packaging of various products.

  The above is the most basic packaging structure of the folding shoe packaging box. Considering the shape characteristics of the shoes themselves, there are many triangles, hexagons and round shoe boxes. This kind of packaging will be more upscale and novel.

  Feel free to contact us to customize all kinds of shoe packaging box with logo, which can be customized according to each customer's own needs.

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