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Strong carton box packaging for transport shipping box manufacturer

Quick detalis:

 Place of Origin:Shanghai,China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Hotwave Packaging

Model Number:HP-SB-33



Price:USD0.2-4 per piece

Supply Ability:10000piece/pieces per day

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Strong carton box packaging for transport shipping box manufacturer:

   With the gradual development of modern economy, carton box packing will be used in many places, especially in the development of logistics industry. With this, the production of transport shipping box has reached a relatively high level.

   Customers need to pay attention to two confirmation links when customizing strong carton box:

   1. Printing confirmation: Generally speaking, carton box packaging surfaces need to be printed accordingly. Printing surface area is basically relatively large, so the cost is naturally relatively high. In addition, if the color is not single, but colorful and complex patterns, the price will be more expensive. Because of the importance of this aspect, we usually proofread the printing design again and again when communicating with our clients to finalize the manuscript.

   2. Sample box confirmation: In general, in order to ensure product quality is satisfactory, customers will ask for samples before mass production, and we will also provide samples. The printing effect, material quality and final product delivery are basically the same. Customers need to carefully check whether the product meets the requirements in order to avoid the needless trouble in bulk goods.

    We are a professional shipping box manufacturer for many years, welcome to contract us!

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Competitive Advantages:

1. We have high-end imported equipment to meet the high requirements of customers for packaging.

2. Our products are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

3. The flexibility of packaging products is relatively strong and can be customized according to customer requirements.

4. Through the high quality carton, attracting the eyeball design, you can make free advertising for the commodity company.

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