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Retail bulk paper bag recyclable shopping paper bags wholesale

Quick details:

Place of Origin:Shanghai, China(Mainland)

Minimum Order Quantity:500 pieces

Price:USD 0.1-3 per piece

Packaging Details:Standard export and double wall corrugated carton, etc.

Payment Terms:L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability:10000pieces per day

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Retail bulk paper bag recyclable shopping paper bags wholesale:

   The design of packaging structure can play a decisive role in the sale of goods. A good packaging structure can display goods better and bring convenience to consumers. Therefore, we should pay attention to the importance of packaging structure design.

   The commonly used recyclable shopping paper bag packaging structure design includes:

 1. Design of packaging structure of retail bulk paper bag with socket

   This is a commonly used recyclable shopping paper bag form, which is simple in shape, simple in process and low in cost. For example, the common wholesale packaging is mostly in this form.  

 2. Structural design of window recyclable shopping paper bag

   This form of recyclable shopping paper bag is commonly used in toys, food and other products. This structure is characterized by enabling consumers to see the product at a glance, increasing the credibility of the goods, and generally adding transparent materials to the part of the window opening.

 3. Design of handheld recyclable shopping paper bag packaging structure

    This retail bulk paper bag is easy to carry. However, attention should be paid to whether the volume, weight, material and handle structure of the product are equivalent, so as to avoid the damage of consumers in the use process.

    Hotwave Packaging specializes in customizing various types of paper bags for customers, providing direct sales of paper bags wholesale. Customers in need please contact us.

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