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Recycled strong corrugated export carton box for shipping

Quick details:

 Place of Origin:Shanghai,China (Mainland)

Model Number:HP-CP-111



Price:USD0.2-3per piece

Packaging Details:Flat packed, double wall K=K standard export carton to protect goods during the transportation.

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Recycled strong corrugated export carton box for shipping:

  The advantages of carton box for shipping in people's daily life

1. Convenient storage and transportation:

  The carton box for shipping is lightweight, flexible to fold, easy to load and bundle, and easy to handle and store.

2. Easy to shape and decoration:

  Strong corrugated carton box can be designed according to different products, all kinds of box type, carton has good ink absorption performance, good printing performance, printed words are clear, the pattern is clear, firm and exquisite, can be well played Promotional features.

3. Environmental protection and no pollution:

  The strong corrugated carton box has the advantages of being hygienic, non-toxic, tasteless, etc. The carton box for shipping can be completely sealed, so it will not pollute the contents, and the carton also meets the storage conditions of the respirable goods.

4. Energy saving, environmental protection, and recycling:

  Carton can be directly recycled and used without pollution to the environment. Carton box for shipping is recognized as an environmentally friendly packaging product in the world.

5. low prices, economic savings:

  The production of carton box for shipping is rich in raw materials, wide in source, easy to mass produce, and low in production cost. The same box, the wooden box made directly from wood is compared with the carton made of wood and paper, the material of the carton is only 1/1 of the wooden box. 3 or so, thus saving energy and cost, the carton is light, about 15% of the wooden box, which can reduce packaging costs and transportation costs.

6. good protection performance:

  Compared with other material packaging containers, the carton box for shipping has strong cushioning and shock absorbing performance. The strong corrugated carton box is tight and seamless, and can be shielded from dust and dust. Due to the adoption of many new technologies, the development of new varieties, the strength, stiffness and moisture resistance of the carton. Can be compared with wooden boxes.

7. high production flexibility:

  The carton box for shipping can be cut, folded, easy to stick, easy to nail, suitable for mechanized processing and automated production, or non-mechanized production on a small scale, or even manual production.

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Competitive Advantages:

1.Our enthusiastic and professional sales team can provide 24 hours online  service per week with in time professional service and good packaging suggestions and option for our customers.

2.Before shipping, our professional quality inspection team will check the size, printing, quality, quantity and packaging of the goods based on customer requirements. Packaging will be out of warehouse and shipped to customers only if they are good to ship out.

3.The quotation department keeps up with the market situation and use the professional ERP quotation system to select the right materials and printing technology based on the customers' actual requirements, and make the best quotation for our customers.

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