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Promotional brochure custom printed instruction manual book

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Place of Origin: China

Certification: 1. ISO certificate 2. BV production capacity audit report 3.SGS 

Minimum Order Quantity:500 PCS


Packaging Details:Pallet or paper box packaging

Supply Ability:5000pcs/Days

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Promotional brochure custom printed instruction manual book:

   The promotional brochure contains a wide range of connotations. Compared to ordinary books, the promotional brochure design includes not only the design of the cover, but also the ring, the title page, the text layout and so on. Promotional brochure design pursues a sense of unity and requires a degree of control for the designer. From the publication of the brochure, the selection of the fonts to the changes in the catalogue and layout, from the arrangement of the pictures to the setting of the colors, from the selection of materials to the innovation of the printing process, it is necessary to make overall considerations and planning, and then rationally mobilize all designs. Elements, organically integrate them and serve the connotation. Once you understand the promotional brochure , let's take a look at the production process of the promotional brochure.

   The first step is the preparatory stage: when accepting a client's commission for a custom printed instruction manual book design, first collect the various materials and reference data involved in the design. This includes: analysis of the product, market, consumer research and survey data of the target, as well as design and technical information such as corporate identification trademarks, fonts, and standard colors.

   Secondly:To determine the size and sketch of the brochure's opening and communication with the company. Determine the format and size of the instruction manual book., the choice of printed materials, the number of prints, etc.

   The third point is the cover of the creative stage and the cover of the back cover design brochure. It should be strong.Strong product personality and corporate image. The back cover is the end of the brochure and echoes the cover to form a unified whole.

   The fourth point is that the inner page of the creative stage is relatively soft compared to the cover. The inner pages generally use ready-made materials. For continuous design, you must have a unique personality, and set the theme with a certain artistic atmosphere. If you encounter more pictures, you should highlight the key points, avoid confusion, and always have to be creative. Exchange ideas with customers, make some modifications and adjustments to the sketches and then finalize them.

   The last point is the technical production stage, which needs to be completed on the computer according to the printing requirements according to the final plan, and then printed.

   The process of the promotional brochure is very important. A beautiful brochure needs to have a lot of things to pay attention to, and pay attention to the matters that are noticed in order to make a good promotional brochure.

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Competitive Advantage:
1. Recyclable and environment friendly

2. Easy assembling and convenient

3. Good for promotion or advertising

4. High quality and cheap price

5. Shipping cost and warehouse room can be saved by flat pack

6. Our experienced designers will provide free design service before production.

7. All of our material is Recycled, Bio-degradable and have SGS and FDA.

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