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Product Knowledge
  • Do you want to realize your dream?

    Paper crafts, a product that makes people feel happy.

  • Little corrugated divider for table, great responsibility for epidemic prevention

    During the new virus, let us protect your health!

  • Display box-- both packaging and display

    CDU display box is a kind of economic and practical paper packaging product for promoting commodities. This kind of paper box is not convenient for commodities to watch and sell if it changes the traditional closed packaging structure. Because the top and front of the CDU display box are designed to be all or part open structure, it can greatly facilitate the display and extraction of goods, at the same time.

  • Detailed introduction to the paper flat box

    Advantages of the paper flat boxes:
    1)Foldable into a box without the need for tape sealing, convenient and environmentally friendly
    2)Both sides of the box can be customized with different printing and design, which can fully display the characteristics of the product according to your design
    3)Flat box type and socket design make it stable and strong in compression

  • Introduction of common box types

    According to different contents and different use environments (packaging methods, storage and transportation, etc.), the carton has various designs from basic slotted boxes to various shaped boxes.

    There are many box-shaped structures of paper packaging boxes, and it may be complicated to summarize them all. Based on our product cases, here are some of the most common product packaging box types in our daily lives.

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Product Knowledge

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