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PDQ custom template cardboard display box for electronic products

Quick details:

Place of Origin:Shanghai,China (Mainland)


Minimum Order Quantity:500piece/pieces

Price:USD0.5-3per piece

Packaging Details:Carry bag or case in carton box

Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Supply Ability:80000piece/pieces per week

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PDQ custom template cardboard display box for electronic products:

   The scope and use of the PDQ custom:

   Widely used in: food, wine, tea, cigarettes, electronic components, digital electronics, household appliances, toys, hardware accessories, clothing, gifts and other product packaging.

   Material specifications and process of the template cardboard display box:

◆1 .Specifications: You can customize the shape according to your requirements.

◆2. Material: customized according to customer requirements. The carton material is: (250 g, 300 g, 350 g) white cardboard.

◆3. Printing: Four-color printing or spot color can be designed according to customer requirements, or customized according to customer samples.

◆4. Film: The film is divided into bright film and matte film. Different films have different effects. Customers can decide whether to cover the film or cover the film according to their own needs.

    The role of the film: the use of special film materials to cover the film, which can reflect the matte soft feeling, rough face, but also block the ultraviolet light, inhibit the fading of printed matter.

◆5. other processes: glazing oil, bronzing, hot silver, bump, embossing, UV, matte, refraction, etc.

    Buyers need to know:

    Since the display box for electronic products are customized, It can be made according to your needs and requirements (size, paper weight, paper type, size, style, pattern, printing process, etc.), due to specifications, materials, styles, The price is also different due to factors such as processing technology. Due to differences in materials, specifications, printing, postpress, packaging, etc., quotations are subject to specific requirements.

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