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Offset printing bulk menu fashion magazine printing factory

Quick details:

Minimum Order Quantity:500 pieces

Price:USD0.2-5per Piece

Packaging Details:1pcs/opp bag ,Exported cartons could be supplied

Delivery Time:By order

Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Supply Ability:50000Piece/Pieces per week

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Offset printing bulk menu fashion magazine printing factory:

   A fashion magazine is enough to attract people's attention. In addition to good content and design, printing bulk menu or magazine printing has great requirements in terms of paper, design, content, typesetting, etc.

   There are many kinds of magazines, such as some simple journals or fashion magazine. Different types of magazines are not only different in content, but also different in appearance and quality. This is because of the diversity of printing processes and the choice of paper materials. Everything is different.

   The choice of paper for magazine printing often depends on the quality of the printing requirements, as follows: Generally speaking, magazines with high-end clothing and lifestyle themes mostly use coated papers of medium ≥ 70 grams, medium coated papers; high-quality monthly magazines and professional magazines. Medium coated paper, high whiteness light coated paper, gram weight ≥ 70 grams; general quality monthly, weekly magazines often use high white light coated paper, light coated paper, weight ≥ 60 grams; large circulation weekly and comprehensive magazines Use light coated paper, calendered paper, gram weight ≥ 65 grams. In addition, there are generally the following rules in terms of choice: high-volume magazines and printing bulk menus generally use 36-54 grams of paper; higher-quality monthly magazines are 60-80 grams; professional magazines and customer magazines are 65-150 grams.The quality magazine is 75-115 grams. Of course, this is only a rough analysis. Various magazines will have various specific changes in the specific printing orders.

   For different purposes, you need to use different materials of paper. You must use the right paper to print good products.

   We are a professional magazine printing factory with rich experience in printing such printing bulk menu, fashion magazine and other products. We are factory direct sales. If you have any needs, you can directly connect with our online customer service staff. We will reply you as soon as we receive your enquiry, and provide efficient quotation, sample delivery and other services.

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1. We have 20 years of professional experience.

2. We can customize according to the requirements of various products.

3. Our price is relatively very advantageous because we have our own factory.

4. We have a strong customer service team.

5. Our sincere service can satisfy you.

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