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OEM cheap company advertising brochure product instruction manual printing

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Brand Name:Hotwave Packaging

Model Number:HP-PB-002


Minimum Order Quantity:500pieces

Price:USD0.05-3per piece

Packaging Details:Carton packaging and pallets packaging

Delivery Time:By order

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OEM cheap company advertising brochure product instruction manual printing:

  The main purpose of the company advertising brochure is to promote the company. One of the main requirements is to capture the eye and enhance the audience's impression of the company's brand and the company's business scope. Let the audience remember the company in the shortest time, remember the brand, and think of your business when you need business within the company's business scope.

  1. Company advertising brochure is one of the most important media in modern business activities. It is a common propaganda channel for the company's new product introduction and promotion of corporate image brand. It also has the propaganda means of wide audience, low cost and intuitive. The company advertising brochure is a general term for promotional forms, including business cards, DM sheets, posters, albums, folding pages, desk calendars, product instruction manual printing, etc. The main contents of the company advertising brochure include: product instruction manual, company profile, image promotion, event introduction, etc., mainly to highlight the information that the company wants to express and transmit, and the information should not be too redundant.

  2. in the use of CMYK (four-color printing), the design process must use the uniform printing color for CMYK, can not use other colors. And the sum of these four colors should not exceed 250. The design file is preferably stored in the CDR format.

  3. In the process of designing and producing the company advertising brochure, we must first determine what kind of purpose can be achieved through the company advertising brochure. What effective information is included in the company advertising brochure, avoiding excessive redundant information, so as not to affect the audience to receive key information. In the process of design, the color setting of the company advertising brochure should not be too single, and not too complicated, so as not to overwhelm.

  4. The design and production of Company advertising brochure will also involve the cost issue. It must take into account the cost of design, production, printing, etc., but it cannot sacrifice the overall design concept for cost, thus affecting the potential sales force. It cannot be the ultimate goal of propaganda.


  Instruction manual printing, we must pay attention to the long-term development of the company, pay attention to brand building, and focus on brand accumulation. Can not blindly design and produce company advertising brochure, otherwise it will affect the effect of publicity, the image of the company, and reduce the psychological expectations of customers.

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Competitive Advantages:

1.100% factory with 16 years production and exporting experience in custom packaging & printing filed

2.Great update production schedule,  a lot of pictures and videos about products and production will be sent to our customers, they could know their production plans and quality control.

3.As a responsible enterprise, each of our client's order is executed wholeheartedly. If the cooperation fails due to the reasons from Hotwave Packaging in the process, such as quality problems, delivery delay, we will not hesitate to take the problems to the end.

4.Integrity management, adhere to customer first, quality first production management service concept.

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