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Full color advertising flyer/promotional leaflet printing service supplier

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Minimum Order Quantity:500 pieces

Price:USD0.1-4per roll

Packaging Details:Carton,as the customized requests

Delivery Time:By order

Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Supply Ability:600000piece/pieces per month

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Full color advertising flyer/promotional leaflet printing service supplier:

   The promotional leaflet mainly refers to a single color page printed in color by a four-color printing press, which is generally a paper-based promotional material that expands its influence.

   The following are common techniques of full color advertising flyer printing:

   The promotional leaflet is a product that is often used in the corporate promotion process. In order to increase the quality of the promotional leaflet, it is necessary to add a lot of processes such as the following:

 1. Ordinary varnish glazing This is a relatively common treatment method. After the oil is passed through the promotional leaflet, the image will appear brighter, and the ink layer can be protected to enhance the appearance, and it can also be partially glazed on the screen. The overall quality of the promotional leaflet is a big improvement.

 2. Brightly convex partial UV glazing, some companies use the UV process after glazing in order to show their extraordinary, so that the overall promotional leaflet will have obvious concave and convex feeling after touching by hand, so the quality is There has been a big improvement. Some companies use ordinary paper to print, but in order to make the product look better, they will choose to mechanically press out the texture like fancy paper, so that the promotional leaflet will rise and protect the ink. Layer, but overall it is not comparable to fancy paper.

 3. Bronzing, on our promotional leaflet must be some information is very important, in order to highlight this information, companies usually choose to use the method of bronzing, so that this important information on the promotional leaflet is more conspicuous.

 4. Film coating, this process is to better protect the ink layer to enhance wear resistance, and also to increase the strength and folding resistance of the paper. This kind of film will protect it, but it has a disadvantage that it is easy to wrinkle when it encounters high temperature or strong humidity, so it needs special attention.

   For this type of promotional leaflet for publicity, the printing process is very important. Adding the suitable process can produce a suitable full color advertising. We are the printing service supplier for many years, welcome to contact us!

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