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Factory direct sale caja de carton box large fold moving box

Quick details:

Place of Origin:Shanghai,China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Hotwave Packaging

Model Number:HP-FB-112



Price:USD0.2-2per piece

Supply Ability:600000 piece/pieces per month

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Factory direct sale caja de carton box large fold moving box:

   Caja de carton boxes are made from corrugated cardboard and are the most widely used paper container packaging for transport packaging. Corrugated caja de cartom box began at the end of the 18th century because of its light weight, low price, wide range of uses, ease of fabrication, and the ability to recycle or even reuse, resulting in significant growth in its application. Nowadays, caja de carton boxes have been widely popularized, promoted and applied for packaging and packaging of various commodities. Since packaging containers made of corrugated cardboard have unique properties and advantages for beautifying and protecting the interior goods, they have achieved great success in competition with various packaging materials. It has become one of the main materials for making packaging containers that have been used up to now and are rapidly developing.

   Caja de carton box/ large fold moving boxes are widely used because of their many unique advantages:

   1. Good cushioning performance 2. Light and strong 3. Small size 4. Low raw material, low cost 5. Easy to automate production 6. Low cost of packaging operation 7. Can pack a variety of items 8. Less metal consumption 9. Printing performance Good 10. Recyclable reuse

   We provide factory direct sale caja de carton boxes, support customization, support small batch order, we have a professional design team, production team and online communication service team to serve customers at any time. Welcome to consult!

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Competitive Adcantages:

1.Mechanized production, high efficiency.

2.We have many powerful equipment manufacturing bases in China to meet various production and processing needs.

3.Flexible and support customization

4.We are one of important Verified Suppliers and Gold Suppliers, our factories are auditable by SGS and BV, with a lot of advanced production, test equipment and management.

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