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Factory custom product packing box colorful cardboard boxes wholesale

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Brand Name:Hotwave Packaging

Model Number:HP-CB-53


Minimum Order Quantity:500pieces

Price:USD0.2-4per piece

Packaging Details:Carton packaging and pallets packaging

Delivery Time:By order

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Factory custom product packing box colorful cardboard boxes wholesale:

  Printing requirements for custom product packing box:

 1. Adapt to various circulation conditions

   To ensure the safety of commodities in circulation, colorful cardboard boxes should be strong, firm and durable. For different modes of transport and means of transport, the appropriate packaging containers and technical treatment should also be selectively used. In a word, the whole product packing box should be adapted to the storage and transportation conditions and strength requirements in the field of circulation.

 2. Should be adapted to the characteristics of commodities

   Custom product packing box must adopt corresponding materials and technologies according to the characteristics of commodities and meet the requirements of physical and chemical properties of commodities.

 3. To meet the requirements of standardization

   Custom product packing box must carry out standardization, that is, to uniformly stipulate the package volume (weight), packaging materials, structure, size, printing marks, terminology and packaging methods of product packing box, and gradually form serialization and generalization in order to facilitate the production of packaging containers and improve packaging methods. The packing efficiency, simplification of packaging container specifications, saving raw materials, reducing costs, easy identification and measurement, are conducive to ensuring packaging quality and commodity safety.

 4. Packing should be "appropriate and moderate"

   For custom product packing boxes, the size of colorful cardboard boxes should be appropriate for the merchandise. The cost of colorful cardboard boxes should be in line with the goods. Excessive reserve space and high proportion of packaging cost in the total value of commodities are harmful to consumers'interests and misleading consumers' over-packaging.

 5. Custom product packing box should be green and environmentally friendly

   In material selection and production, we should follow the principle of sustainable development, energy saving, low consumption, high function, pollution prevention, sustainable recycling, or safe degradation after abandonment.

   At present, our company mainly deals in printing custom product packing box, colorful cardboard boxes, corrugated cartons, product hanging tags, backcards, picture albums, brochures, stickers, exquisite gift boxes, cardboard boxes  wholesale and so on. Welcome to contact and order.

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