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Die-cut warning label sticker bottle label sticker factory

Quick details:

Place of Origin: China

Certification: 1. ISO certificate 2. BV production capacity audit report 3.SGS 

Minimum Order Quantity:500 PCS

Price:$0.01-2 per piece

Packaging Deta-ils:Pallet or paper box packaging

Supply Ability:10000pcs/Days

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Die-cut warning label sticker bottle label sticker factory:

   Application characteristics of die cut warning label sticker:

   With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the market of warning label sticker continues to expand, and the market share of trademark, bottle label sticker and label gradually increases, which brings infinite business opportunities for label sticker factory. The so-called warning label sticker printing refers to the process of transferring inks and other substances to the surface of substrate under certain pressure. Compared with ordinary adhesive tape, warning label sticker has the following characteristics:

 (1)Widely used. It is not only applied in food and beverage, bottle label sticker, daily miscellaneous goods, household appliances, cultural and educational supplies and other aspects, but also applied in the field of commodity circulation price label, clothing, textiles, medicine, cosmetics and other aspects.

 (2) paste convenient. Die cut warning label sticker no glue, paste and other adhesives are used, which can be pasted when torn off. It is very convenient and has no pollution to the product appearance.

 (3) with durability. Adhesion firm, adhesion flexible, heat and moisture resistant, not easy to aging.

 (4) investment is small, effective quick self-adhesive printing is more trademark and sticker, its format is small, only a trademark printing press can complete multi-color printing, film covering, die cutting, exhaust, hot stamping and  other processes, and the printing speed is fast, produce less waste. One person, one machine, less investment.

   Due to the above characteristics of die-cut warning label sticker, die-cut warning label sticker was soon applied by a large number of users, replacing the traditional trademark, and has become an indispensable logo decoration for commodities.

   Our country adhesive printing technology is diversification, high - grade, anti - counterfeiting, small - batch, multi - varieties direction of development.

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