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Customized size carton box corrugated cardboard shipping box factory

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 Place of Origin:Shanghai,China (Mainland)


Minimum Order Quantity:500piece/pieces

Price:USD0.1-2 per piece

Packaging Details:Supply all kinds of packing options, according to customers' requirements.

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Customized size carton box corrugated cardboard shipping box factory:

   We are a professional carton shipping box factory. Improve brand image from the quality of carton!

   First of all, when we want to determine the quality of the corrugated cardboard shipping box, we must clearly define the carton material, such as corrugated carton, then we must look at the number of layers of corrugated, of course, the more layers of corrugated, the more assured the quality of the customized size carton box. The general quality is relatively guaranteed, and it is suitable for long-distance transportation of cartons. The number of corrugated layers cannot be lower than five layers.

   Secondly, judging whether the quality of the corrugated cardboard shipping box is good or bad, we can also judge by the carton seam. The corrugated cardboard shipping box with good quality has only one seam, including the bottom and the side of the carton. Of course, the seams need to be nailed for fixing, and a good quality carton will evenly hit a steel nail every five centimeters. The difference in quality may be longer.

   In addition, to determine the quality of the corrugated cardboard shipping box, do not ignore the appearance of the carton, such as the thickness of kraft paper, it is certain that the greater the thickness of kraft paper, the more assured the quality of the carton. Also, look at whether the wrapper of the kraft paper is flat and whether there is blistering on the surface.

   With a thick corrugated cardboard shipping box, it really gives people a good feeling of "packaging quality, meticulous work, protecting user privacy, etc." If you want to buy a better quality carton, you should choose some more formal and influential Enterprise units, the quality of products produced by such enterprises will be more secure.

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Competitive Advantages:

1.Perfect customer reception mechanism, customer reception satisfaction rate above 95%, customer visit turnover rate above 90%.

2.Great update production schedule,  a lot of pictures and videos about products and production will be sent to our customers, they could know their production plans and quality control.

3. Cooperated with shipping agents, which can help you to get attractive shipping cost to save your costs and make sure safety shipping.

4. 5 working days for sample making and 12 working days for mass production, our team will help you finish all products, ensure quality and delivery on time.

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