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Customized advertising brochure paper folding flyer printing

Quick details:

Place of Origin:Shanghai,China (Mainland)

Minimum Order Quantity:500pieces

Price:USD 0.1-2per piece

Packaging Details:Carton box ,Pallet packing ,Craft box or as per the customer requirement

Delivery Time:By order

Supply Ability:30000piece/pieces per week

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Customized advertising brochure paper folding flyer printing:

1. The layout of the customized advertising brochure is large, flexible, and exquisitely designed for advertisers to fully select

  Since the folding form of the paper folding flyer has different forms such as 2 folds, 3 folds and multiple folds etc., the book is flexible and diverse, and the space involved can be based on the advertisement. The content is flexible and can be fully selected by advertisers.

2. Customized advertising brochures are independent and unaffected by other media

  Paper folding flyers are self-contained, without the need of other media, and are not subject to other media's publicity environment, public characteristics, information arrangement, layout, printing, paper, etc., and paper, copy, print, mail and gift objects. Independent, also known as "non-media advertising."

3. Customized advertising brochures are targeted

  Paper folding flyer are highly targeted, and their content is completely provided by advertisers. It can be tailored to products, businesses and conferences in a targeted manner. It can be customized, and can be mailed, distributed, presented, etc. Consumer.

4.Customized advertising brochure have saved value

  Customized advertising brochures content has no read time limit. Readers can turn over and savour, and make beautiful folding advertisements, which will also be preserved for a long time.

5. Relatively low price

  Customized advertising brochures have low production costs, low advertising costs, and high cost performance.

  We specialize in folding flyer printing for 16 years and have extensive experience. Welcome to send inquiry.

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Competitive Advantages:

1.Our enthusiastic and professional sales team can provide 24 hours online  service per week with in time professional service and good packaging suggestions and option for our customers.

2.The quotation department keeps up with the market situation and use the professional ERP quotation system to select the right materials and printing technology based on the customers' actual requirements, and make the best quotation for our customers.

3.Our professional design group has rich experience in packaging design and development, we can help our customers to work out nice designs according to customer needs and ideas.

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