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Custom brand printed empty corrugated packaging boxes wholesale

Quick details:

Minimum Order Quantity:500 pieces


Packaging Details:Carton,as the customized requests

Delivery Time:By order

Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Supply Ability:5000piece/pieces per day

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Custom brand printed empty corrugated packaging boxes wholesale:

   Empty corrugated packaging box, as an indispensable part of modern logistics, undertakes the important responsibility of dressing, maintaining goods and beauty.

   Corrugated packaging box can be recycled to save cost. Custom brand printed packaging box can be made into a variety of styles, with large transport boxes, but also small and exquisite jewelry packaging boxes, many occasions in life can see empty corrugated packaging box, many shopping malls, including clothing stores, are also paper-based packaging, conducive to environmental protection.

   Suitable quality should be selected when using cartons to ensure the utilization value of corrugated packaging box.

 1. Prevent product damage and deformation. Product packaging must be able to withstand all kinds of impact, vibration, bump, compression, friction and other external forces in the process of loading, transportation and storage, so as to form the protection of the inner products and have a certain anti-vibration strength.

 2. Prevent chemical changes in products. During circulation and consumption, products are susceptible to moisture, mildew, rust and chemical changes, which affect the normal use of products. This requires custom brand printed packaging box to be able to block moisture, moisture, light and harmful gases to a certain extent, to avoid adverse effects of the external environment on the product.

 3. Preventing the impact of pests on products. Rats, insects and other pests are very destructive to products. This requires custom brand printed packaging box to be able to block the invasion of fungi, insects and mice, forming a protective effect on the built-in products.

 4. Preventing foreign bodies from mixing, contamination, loss, loss and theft.

   If you have a demand for packaging boxes wholesale, please contact us.

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Competitive Advantages:

1.Our automatic die cutting equipment can be high-speed production,  cartons we made, cutting flat with 90° right-angle, which are fancy and no burrs.

2.Select superior materials and purchase raw materials that meet export

3.Various of departments, division of labor based on specialization and team working together, make sure producing high quality products and satisfied service for our customers.

4.Our enthusiastic and professional sales team can provide 24 hours online  service per week with in time professional service and good packaging suggestions and option for our customers.

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