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Custom a4 brochure company product instruction book

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Minimum Order Quantity:500 pieces

Price:USD0.1-5per roll

Packaging Details:Carton,as the customized requests

Delivery Time:By order

Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Supply Ability:500000piece/pieces per month

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Custom a4 brochure company product instruction book:

  Today, brochures are an important means of company product instruction. The size of the brochures required by different companies is different. In order to pursue uniqueness, people have come up with a series of brochures of different sizes and types.

  The most popular brochure in the current is the 210x297 size (custom a4 brochure), plus the file is bleed 3mm around the file, that is, the size of the entire file is 216x283. This specification not only looks generous overall, the content is clear, but also forms enough visual impact to attract the reader's eyes, and the content of the layout is fully adapted to the size of the layout. Many product instruction books also use this common size.

  In addition to the custom a4 brochure, the common brochure paper design sizes are as follows:

  The most commonly used papers are book papers, which are generally 787x1092mm, 850x1168mm, 880x1230mm, 889x1194mm, etc.

  Among them, the 787 paper is a positive paper, and the finished book is a positive opening after the trimming. The common size is 8 open: 368 x 260mm, 16 open: 260 x 184mm, 32 open: 184 x 130mm. No. 850 is a large degree of paper, the finished product is a large format, such as generous 16 open, large 32 open, etc., common size is 8 open: 285 x 420mm, 16 open: 210 x 285mm, 32 open: 203 x 140mm, etc. .

   The above is a brief introduction of the brochure. Of course, there are also many unconventional sizes. According to the purpose of the design brochure, the size of the selected web is different. Before printing, the type of the brochure should be clear and then the size should be designed.

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