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Custom 5 layers shipping box logo brand printed delivery carton box

Place of Origin:Shanghai,China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Hotwave Packaging

Model Number:HP-CB-68


Minimum Order Quantity:500piece/pieces

Price:USD0.5-3per piece

Packaging Details:supply all kinds of packing options, according to customers' requirements

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Custom 5 layers shipping box logo brand printed delivery carton box:

  The advantages of the 5 layers shipping box logo brand printed delivery carton boxes:

1. Easy to circulate

  The Logo brand printed carton box provides conditions and convenience for the circulation of goods. The goods are packaged in a certain quantity, shape, size, size and different containers, and various signs are usually printed on the outside of the package, such as: name, quantity, specification, color, volume, gross weight, net weight, factory name More information such as the factory site, which is conducive to the distribution of goods, counting counts, and the rational use of various transportation tools and storage capacity, improving the efficiency of transportation, loading and unloading, storage and transportation effects, accelerating the circulation of goods, and improving the economy of commodity circulation. benefit.

2. Light weight

  Delivery carton box Compared to plastic packaging and wood packaging, the delivery carton box is more suitable for the current e-commerce logistics by weight, and its weight is 1/3~1/5 of the wooden box. The 5 layers shipping box is folded and then fixed with a strap, which makes the delivery carton box lighter and saves manpower. Plastic packaging is only suitable for certain products and cannot be compared to the delivery carton box.

3. Promote sales

  Exquisite packaging of goods can be used to beautify goods, promote goods and promote sales. Therefore, the product packaging is exquisite and distinctive, which can enhance the market competitiveness of the products, and attract customers and guide consumption.

  In fact, the advantages of the carton box are not limited to this. The delivery carton box can reduce the cost, and can be used for production and environmental protection earlier than other packages of the same size.

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Competitive Advantages:

1.100% factory with 16 years production and exporting experience in custom packaging & printing filed

2. There have various of certifications, like ISO 9001/14001, FSC, Printing Business License, Rights of Self-Managed Import and Export, and all kinds of testing reports, which are satisfied and guaranteeing our customers’ quality and service requirements.

3. Various of departments, division of labor based on specialization and team working together, make sure producing high quality products and satisfied service for our customers.

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