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Corrugated paper mailer box carton packaging box

Quick details:

Place of Origin:Shanghai,China(Mainland)

Brand Name :Yifan Packaging

Model Number:YF-CPB-01

Certification:ISO9001, SGS

Minimum Order Quantity:1000pieces

Price:USD 0.1-0.5 per piece

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Corrugated paper mailer box carton packaging box:

   Carton packaging box is made of corrugated paper and corrugated cardboard,used for products outer packaging. Which is a kind of packaging box with high quality.

   We can offer different material for your choice and custom graphic printing. Mailer box is easily to shape and light weight. The cost is lower for each customer.

    When we deliver something, we will take certain packaging to protect the goods from damage and loss caused by external factors. Packaging is basically the use of corrugated cartons to package, cartons packaging is not only simple, convenient, but also safe. The packaging of Shanghai cartons will not cause pollution to the environment , and also can be reused many times.


   Can be added to cartons anywhere in life, for example, most of the food will be cartons packaging, tea cartons packaging, and other items. The design of cartons is also very convenient and dexterous, and can be designed according to the size of the product. It is also possible to add some corresponding text and picture hints to the outer packaging of the box, so that the product level has been improved, and cartons are also very convenient when used.

carton packaging box

mailer box

corrugated paper

corrugated paper box

paper mailer box

Competitive Advantage:

1.High quality
Adopt all-environmental quality materials,non-toxic and odor-free,
in line with packaging industry standards
2.Slot opening process
Slot opening process, the edges are relatively thick, but relatively rough, will not affect the use
3.Brasserie process
The edges are neat. Due to the process, the thickness of the edges will be compressed and the middle will not change.
4.Sticky process
Use adhesive sealing edge neat, not easy to fall off, durable
5. Low price
We give you the best goods at the lowest price


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