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Corrugated fresh fruit export packing box for fruit shipping

Quick details:

Place of Origin:Shanghai,China (Mainland)

Model NumberHP-FB-22


Minimum Order Quantity:500piece/pieces 

Price:USD0.3-4per piece

Packaging Details:Corrugated Carton for Exporting

Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

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Corrugated fresh fruit export packing box for fruit shipping:

  The outer packaging of China's fruit is changing from baskets, wooden boxes and fiber bags to corrugated fresh fruit packing boxes. Carton fruit export packing box has many advantages and is growing rapidly.

  The advantages of carton packing box for fruit shipping are:

1.paper is light, flexible and cushioning, resistant to vibration and shock, and protects goods from mechanical damage. The carton facilitates manual and mechanized loading and unloading.

2.Carton is easy to cut and form; it can be folded, it takes up small space when used before and after storage, it is easy to transport and the transportation cost is small.

3.Carton is low in cost, easy to obtain materials, and easy to recycle.

4.The carton is smooth and smooth, does not damage the fresh products, and the surface is easy to print trademarks and patterns, so that the goods are marked clearly, beautifully and conspicuously, and the publicity effect is good.

  As the carton for the outer packaging, the key is to have considerable strength to withstand the vibration and pressure of loading, unloading, stacking, handling, and to improve the papermaking and box making process.

  Various corrugated wave cartons developed in recent years are cut to the appropriate shape and size according to the application and needs, and bonded with a high-efficiency adhesive. This kind of packaging has gradually been promoted and applied.Fruit export packing box often reduces the compressive strength due to moisture absorption and resurgence, and can not withstand the weight of the stacking and the handling of the collision vibration, which requires special processing. Water-repellent agent is generally applied to the cardboard paper. This water-resistant corrugated fresh fruit packing box is good for packaging fresh citrus fruits and frozen foods.

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Competitive Advantages:

1.Our enthusiastic and professional sales team can provide 24 hours online  service per week with in time professional service and good packaging suggestions and option for our customers.

2.The quotation department keeps up with the market situation and use the professional ERP quotation system to select the right materials and printing technology based on the customers' actual requirements, and make the best quotation for our customers..

3. Before shipping, our professional quality inspection team will check the size, printing, quality, quantity and packaging of the goods based on customer requirements. Packaging will be out of warehouse and shipped to customers only if they are good to ship out.

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