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Color printing corrugated moving mailer box for express

Quick detalis:

 Place of Origin:Shanghai,China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Hotwave Packaging

Model Number:HP-FB-33



Price:USD0.1-2 per piece

Supply Ability:8000piece/pieces per day

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Color printing corrugated moving mailer box for express:

   With the development of the times, modern technology is mostly used in the field of printing and packaging, which makes many packaging and printing processes simplified and more scientific and reasonable. Products that could not be wrapped in paper in the past are also used in color printing corrugated boxes.

   The development of paper box printing technology has several new features: the development of single-layer materials in the direction of multi-layer materials; offset printing, gravure, flexo printing and screen printing.

   The process of packaging and printing is also more scientific and applicable, and the performance and effect of the packaging have changed significantly. For example, the waxing and laminating process in the past packaging surface treatment has been gradually replaced by surface glue (spraying treatment), and the anti-counterfeiting packaging process has been changed from partial printing or production to integral large-area printing and production. Security.

   Moreover, corrugated box for express materials are environmentally friendly, recycling, and cost-saving. With the increasing environmental protection requirements of packaging materials in the international market, color printing corrugated boxes are the preferred packaging materials, and Color printing corrugated boxes are environmentally friendly. Another feature is that it can quickly pass the commodity inspection gate to achieve rapid logistics and cost savings.

   Thinking from the printing point of view, th color printing corrugated box is convenient for mechanized production and packing and sealing flow, high production efficiency, easy to achieve packaging standardization, light weight, low freight, and plastic lining in the box to prevent moisture. It is accepted on all sides. In addition, the paper moving mailer box is easy to leave the goods in the paper moving mailer box from being stolen, so that it is possible to effectively prevent theft of the product.

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