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Clear transparent sticker bar code sticker roll hologram sticker

Quick details:

Place of Origin:Shanghai,China (Mainland)

Model NumberHP-ST-32


Minimum Order Quantity:500piece/pieces 

Price:USD0.01-2per piece

Packaging Details:Corrugated Carton for Exporting

Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

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Clear transparent sticker bar code sticker roll hologram sticker:

   Clear transparent sticker can be a life support product that we can't live without. In the family life and daily office, clear transparent sticker brings great convenience to our life.

   Clear transparent sticker products have the following characteristics:

  1.clear transparent sticker is widely used in our lives. Usually we encounter some clear transparent stickers when we want to paste, we can see the shadow of clear transparent sticker on various commodities, for example, various daily necessities, home appliances, cultural and educational supplies and various food packaging. Bar code ticker roll, hologram sticker, etc. Clear transparent sticker is everywhere, and it is used very much in life.

  2. Second, the clear transparent sticker is very convenient to use. When we use the clear transparent sticker, we only need to tear off the clear transparent sticker, cut it to the required size, and then post it in the place where it needs to be pasted. It is very convenient.

  3.clear transparent sticker is firm and durable, not easy to fall off. Since the back side of the clear transparent sticker is coated with a good adhesive layer, the clear transparent sticker will be firm and durable, and will not fall off. Therefore, the clear transparent sticker is not easy to age and resist after being pasted. The characteristics of heat and moisture resistance, therefore, it has become a favorite of people in daily life.

    Clear transparent sticker bar code sticker roll hologram sticker, although small in size and simple in process, plays an important role in our lives, bringing great convenience to our lives and becoming one of the most in our work and life. Commonly used items, so you must master the methods when making prints, apply different methods for different products, and make stickers everywhere in our lives.

clear transparent stickerbar code ticker roll

hologram stickerlabel sticker

Competitive Advantages:

1.Our enthusiastic and professional sales team can provide 24 hours online  service per week with in time professional service and good packaging suggestions and option for our customers.

2.The quotation department keeps up with the market situation and use the professional ERP quotation system to select the right materials and printing technology based on the customers' actual requirements, and make the best quotation for our customers..

3. Before shipping, our professional quality inspection team will check the size, printing, quality, quantity and packaging of the goods based on customer requirements. Packaging will be out of warehouse and shipped to customers only if they are good to ship out.

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