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5 ply foldable delivery egg carton packaging box for eggs

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Industrial Use:For egg packaging


Custom Order:Accept

Minimum Order Quantity:500piece/pieces (offer large quantity order)

Price:USD0.3-4per piece

Supply Ability:50000piece/pieces per week

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5 ply foldable delivery egg carton packaging box for eggs:

   We produce egg carton packaging boxes of various specifications and models, we can customize according to the needs of customers, including materials, colors, patterns, etc. can be customized according to customer's actual requirements. Customers who have product needs are welcome to contact us.

   Packaging materials: two-, three-, four-, five-layer corrugated cardboard boxes,

   Printing process: four-color offset printing, two-color ink, etc.

   Detailed introduction:

 1.5 ply foldable delivery egg box is a paper packaging container made of corrugated cardboard through a skilled production process, which has many advantages.

 2.Light weight, good structural performance, the corrugated paper structure inside is similar to the arch structure, can play the role of anti-shock and shock absorption

 3.Has many good protection functions for packaged items,such as: moisture, heat, easy handling, etc.

 4.Transportation costs, and easy to achieve the mechanization and automation of packaging and transportation

 5.The specification and size changes are easy to implement, can quickly adapt to the packaging of various items

 6.Sealing and bundling are convenient, easy to automate

 7.Can adapt to the decoration and printing of various types of cartons, can solve the problem of product protection and promotion

 8.The waste bin is easy to recycle and reuse, in line with national environmental protection requirements.

 9.It can be greatly expanded by combining with various covering materials or moisture-proof materials.

   The carton packaging box for eggs produced by Hotwave Packaging has the characteristics of high strength, beautiful appearance and low cost. It is highly praised by customers and has the use of high, medium and low egg carton packaging boxes.

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Competitive Advantages:

1. We have high-end imported equipment to meet the high requirements of customers for packaging.

2. Our products are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

3. The flexibility of packaging products is relatively strong and can be customized according to customer requirements.

4. Through the high quality carton, attracting the eyeball design, you can make free advertising for the commodity company.

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